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Schedule of Classes

Give our Bi-Monthly Workshops a Spin!!!

HoopDance FUNdamentals Playshop:

Ignite the childlike essence within yourself, as you begin a journey of blissful hoopla!

Did you realize the common hula hoop could be a wonderful tool for becoming more centered, more aware?

In our HoopDance FUNdamentals Playshop we will explore organic movement, the concepts of Flow, breath, and the dynamics of motion in and out of your hoop.


In this workshop you will be playfully guided through fundamental Hoopdance skills and tricks, while learning a deeper understanding of traversing the terrain of hoop manipulation.

Join Us!!!...and let your hoop journey begin!!! 

RHYTHMIC HoopDance Workshop:

In these Intermediate and Advanced Hoopdance workshops we delve deeper into the world of tricks, transitions, spinning, and breathwork. 

Kick your Hoopdance repertoire up a notch with these challenging yet, surprisingly, accessible additions.



Brought to you by:

Wyndham Waikiki & Your Twirling Girls!!!

Waikiki Beach Walk Class & Jam!!!...

Every Saturday from 5-6 p.m.

Join your Twirling Girls on the Waikiki Beach Walk, at 5:00 p.m., every Saturday for our Hoopdance Class & Jam!

$15 for instruction -or- FREE, if you just want to hoop it up with us for fun! :)

We're located in front of the beautiful fountain on Lewers street.

***Hoops & 3 hours of Free valet parking included!

***Collapsible Travel Hoops are available for sale




HOOP JAM! Every Sunday 5-8pm

(Weather Permitting)

Held at Queen's Beach in Waikiki.

Hoop Jam/Circus Jam is a wonderful opportunity to connect with, play, and learn from others in your FlowArt community.

We welcome you to bring your family & friends to give it a whirl!!! 

Your Sundays will never be the same!!! :)

***Hoops provided

***Collapsible travel hoops available for sale

***FREE & Family Friendly

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